Myths and Facts 

Disclaimer:  As of this writing, this is the most up-to-date information we have.  This disease is continually being studied and new information on prevention, treatment, and testing are being made available.  This hand out will be updated as new information is verified and available.

Myth #1:
If my bird tests positive for avian borna virus (ABV) my bird has proventricular dilitative disease (PDD)!

Your bird testing positive for borna virus does not mean they have PDD yet.  Generally, once clinical signs are present the patient is considered PDD positive.  However, medications can be given to help control the shedding and symptoms of the virus although there is no cure as of now.
Retesting your bird every 3 months helps the veterinarian adjust the medications appropriately to help control the shedding of the virus.

Myth #2:
My bird tested positive for ABV.  After the medications were given, he retested negative so my bird is ABV free.

Unfortunately, there is no cure as of now for ABV.  A negative test result after a positive still means that your pet still has ABV but is not actively shedding the virus at this time and may have the clinical signs well managed. However, most boarding facilities still will not accept your bird if it initially tested positive.

Myth #3:
My bird tested positive/negative for ABV so, I don’t need to test the others because they are all positive/negative.

If your bird tested positive or negative for ABV it is still recommended to test your other birds, especially if the test was positive.  All methods of transmission have not been verified yet so it is in the best interest of your pets to test them.  Even if there is no physical contact between the birds, it is recommended as feather dust as well as access to infected birds feces are known methods of transmission.  Excellent hygiene and sanitation is a must when a bird tests positive to prevent the spread of disease to the other birds in your home.

This is a confusing disease complex.  We will do our best to keep you informed!