High Ketones, High Glucose On Urine Dipstick

  • Treat with a hypoglycemic such as fenugreek seeds/powder -up to 400 mg or 25 seeds are safe or Diabogen powder..
  • Use 50/50 Pedialyte/Water solution in water bottle.
  • High protein, high fiber, low diet

High Ketones, Low Or No Glucose On Urine Dipstick

  • Treat with 50/50 Pedialyte/Water solution and high protein, high fiber, low fat diet.

No Ketones, High Glucose On Urine Dipstick

  • Treat with only hypoglycemics, plain water (no Pedilyte) and absolutely NO SUGAR (dextrose, maltose, corn etc.).
  • High protein, low fat, high fiber diet.
  • Hypoglycemics include fenugreek or Diabogen powder, buckwheat (comes in pasta, whole or flour form), cinnamon powder, and spirulina
  • Glipizide or injectable insulin (prescription drugs)

Good Protein Sources For Hamsters

  • Tofu (firm or medium firm is best)
  • Roasted soybeans, unsalted
  • Chicken baby food (with broth, no seasoned)
  • Spirulina and /or seaweed (roasted laver, no salt or salt removed)
  • Boiled chicken breast or turkey
  • Egg whites with tiny bit of cooked egg yolk, boiled, scrambled, fried in small amount of olive oil.
  • Flax seed
  • Low fat cheeses (not process)
  • Low fat, plain yogurt
  • Tuna in water, drained