Listed below are some nutritious foods for you to incorporate into your family member’s diet.  Nutrition plays a major role in the health and longevity of any animal.  Keep in mind that moderation and variety are the keys to offering a complete, well-balanced diet. Some tortoises also require a large amount of timothy hay daily.

Vegetable/Fruit        Calcium            Vitamin A

Broccoli Leaves            Excellent            Excellent
Collard Greens             Excellent            Excellent
Kale                            Excellent            Excellent
Mustard greens            Excellent            Excellent
Swiss chard                 Excellent            Excellent
​Turnip Greens              Excellent            Excellent

Beet greens                 Good                 Excellent
Dandelion greens         Good                 Excellent
Endive                         Good                 Good
Escarole                      Good                 Good

Apricot                        Poor                  Good
Carrot                         Poor                  Good
Cilantro                       Poor                  Good
Cress                          Poor                  Good
Mache                         Poor                  Good
Mango                        Poor                   Good
Papaya                        Poor                  Good
Parsley                        Poor                  Good
Pumpkin                      Poor                  Good
Red Pepper                 Poor                   Good
Yam                            Poor                  Good

Boston                        Poor                  Fair
Romaine                     Poor                  Fair

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