Pet Dental Care: A Crucial Part of Your Pet’s Good Health

When it comes to dental care for pets, there are many similarities with humans. For instance, the kinds of foods that are consumed have a lot to do with the kind of dental health that results. That’s why we always recommend that our clients provide the right kinds of snacks and foods that can improve oral cleanliness of teeth and gum health. Many quality products are available for tooth and gum care, including pet toothpaste (available in chicken or mint flavors), dental chews, Oravet gel, and mouthwashes. Home care for your pet’s teeth is the best prevention, and we would be happy to do a free dental exam to evaluate your pet’s dental health and provide treatment plans for teeth cleaning. Find out more about brushing your pets teeth at the informative American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) pet care website.

Many animals develop symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis when they are only a few years old. One of the first signs noticed in pets with dental disease is bad breath. Discolored teeth or extra-red gums are also signs that teeth cleanings are needed. Pets that have bad teeth will often not eat well, a symptom that must be taken seriously. We offer surgical services for more in-depth dental care; check out our pet dental surgery page for more information.