What is a wing trim? 

A wing trim involves cutting one to a few feathers from each wing to decrease your bird’s flight potential. It is not a way to completely stop your bird from flying.

What can I expect from a wing trim? 

Your bird should be able to float to the ground and not be at the mercy of gravity. And your bird may be able to fly forward a bit. Your bird should not be able to take air and fly upward.

What can I not expect from a wing trim?

You cannot expect your bird to be incapable of flight. A wing trim that completely prevents flying is excessive and inappropriate.

Can I take my bird outside with me after a trim?

We recommend that no pet bird go outside with its owner unless it is in a cage or well-fitted flight suit. Birds with trimmed wings are less able to adapt to wind and can be carried away by an updraft. Their trimmed wings may also make it impossible for them to return to you even if they try.

How is a wing trim performed?

Anesthesia is neither required nor recommended. Simple restraint in a towel is usually all that is needed. Their outermost primary feathers are cut at the level of the covert feathers. Blood feathers are avoided, and no bleeding should occur. An equal number of feathers are trimmed from each side. The trim is tested until the bird can float to the ground and not take air.

Can my bird die because of a wing trim?

Wing trims do not cause death. An excessive wing trim can result in severe injury from falling. Birds that are sick, obese, or hiding signs of disease or that have a poor diet can have problems with the restraint needed for a proper wing trim. We do not perform any bird grooming services without first conducting an examination, and we will discuss any risks with you at the time of the trim.

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