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Pet Dentistry

For Pet Dental Care, Trust Crestwood Animal Hospital.
Pet dental care and surgery include teeth cleaning and digital X-ray examinations, home care recommendations, and surgical services for removing diseased, decayed, or damaged teeth when needed.

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Pet Dentistry

Pets may not smile, but dental care is just as important for them as it is for us. At Crestwood Animal Hospital, we pay close attention to oral health issues. We offer teeth cleaning and digital X-ray examinations, and we recommend removing diseased, decayed, or damaged teeth when needed. Our technicians conduct teeth cleanings under the veterinarian’s instruction and supervision.

The fact is many pets suffer from broken or abscessed teeth, oral tumors, gum disease, and other oral problems without their owners being aware of these conditions. Dental problems can only be found with a careful examination, and we recommend your pet have a regular oral exam at the time of his or her full physical exam. Dental home care is highly recommended, which should include daily teeth brushing and weekly Oravet gel. Depending on the individual pet, dental cleanings may be recommended every 6 months to 2 years. Other oral surgical services we provide include the removal of tumors and treatment of fistulas, jaw fractures, and palate defects.

Things you can do to detect oral health problems:

Owners who take the time to regularly examine their pet’s teeth can become remarkably adept at spotting problems. For instance, especially bad breath is not a good sign. Discomfort or difficulty eating also may be an indication of a problem. Other signs to watch for include loss of appetite, avoiding favorite chew toys, bleeding or inflamed gums, and discolored teeth.